swarm 2

swarm is a windsculpture and was created as part of an artist residency in Siglufjördur, Iceland. It is made of 1000 knives, attached to fishing lines in a container shaped frame. The knives are moved around their own axis by the wind, shimmering like a herring swarm.
The Installation was set up in front of the „Herring Era Museum“ and invites people to think about the worldwide problem of overfishing the oceans.
The first windscupture could not withstand the harsh winter in Iceland, therefore a new Version made of a real containership and stainless steel knives was built 2020 in Hamburg Germany.
It was exhibited several time at the port of Hamburg and was shipped 2022 to Iceland, and is now a permanent Installation on the same spot, at the Herings Era Museum.


Public space, Siglufjördur, Iceland




Permanent Installation